Terms & Conditions

The respective mentioned terms & conditions are critical to us. Hence, the major goal behind building these policies is for you to experience how our team gathers, utilizes, impart and reveals the individual data. Below mentioned are the respective terms & conditions:

- Before or at the time of collecting personal data, we shall identify the purpose of data collection.

- Before gathering and utilizing the individual’s data, we ensure proper approval from them as per the requirement of law. - The data gathered from the individual will be utilized under legal and reasonable means. Above all, it will be utilized after the individual’s consent is taken into account.

- Personal information of each and every individual holds immense responsibility when utilized. Hence, we ensure that it is utilized as per the degree of requirement.

- The individual’s data is protected through security shields against burglary, fraud, unapproved access, alteration, divulgence or duplication.

- Our customers will be provided with proper access to our policies and procedures related to the administration of the individual’s data.

- We are highly focused on leading our business as per these terms & conditions, ensuring to meet the end goal of protecting every individual’s personal data.